12 Awesome Alternatives to Marie Kondo's Hikidashi Boxes

12 Awesome Alternatives to Marie Kondo's Hikidashi Boxes

12 Awesome Alternatives to Marie Kondo's Hikidashi Boxes

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Marie Kondo’s Hikidashi storage boxes have become quite a thing, and I can see why. They’re the perfect solution for messy drawers, closets, offices, kid's rooms, and even craft or holiday storage. With the beautiful, yet minimalist prints, you can instantly see how they spark joy.

There is a whopping $60+ price tag, but for some, a stunning set of drawers is totally worth it. Not to mention the complete set it has been sold out and not restocked since 2018. So what do we do now, Marie?? Are there other options? Are there more affordable options? Thankfully, we're here to help. 

Organizing your home by using the KonMari method doesn’t have to break the bank. And better yet, our 12 Awesome Alternatives to Marie Kondo's Hikidashi Boxes are all in-stock on Amazon or Etsy. We’ve compiled a list of 12 of our favorite alternatives to the Hikidashi Storage Boxes. These are all priced affordably and many of them are eco-friendly.


#1 Happibox Hikidashi Box Set of 3

Since this is a HappiBox website, of course you know this one will be recommended! Pretty and stylish. Made from sustainable materials that are sturdy and eco-friendly. Over 90% of buyers from Amazon gave these adorable boxes a five star review, and I can see why. These gorgeous and joyful organizing boxes are just what we all need.

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#2 Diommell Foldable Cloth Storage Box

This 12 piece set is budget-friendly, and comes in different size combinations. Made of long lasting, non-woven fabric in a neutral gray color. They create a minimalist and clean look to any dresser drawer or closet. 



Get Diommell Foldable Storage on Amazon

#3 Pure Organics Underwear Storage

The smaller compartments in this foldable, storage box, drawer divider make it perfect for all of those small, easy to lose items, such as underwear, socks, and accessories. Made from non-woven, fabric that is breathable, mold proof, and moisture proof. 



Get Pure Organics Underwear Organizer on Amazon


#4 Creative Scents Nesting Storage Boxes

This bin set consists of 3 differently sizes boxes that can easily accommodate any household goods. Made with strong cardboard for structure, the boxes are wrapped in polyester and lined with non-woven fabric for durability and sturdiness. 

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#5 Ink Pressed Paper Handmade Hikidashi Boxes

These handmade storage boxes from Etsy have a sophisticated, polished look that I am loving. Forget putting these in a drawer. I’ll set them out on a shelf, and just find something pretty to put in them. Handcrafted using Italian gray bookcloth made from half linen half cotton cloth. They are higher priced, but it's handmade.

 Get Ink Pressed Paper Hikidashi Boxes on Etsy


#6 YueYue Fabric Storage Boxes

If you are looking for fabric storage containers with lids, these are the ones for you.  Made out of linen-like breathable material, these pretty boxes do spark joy and will be a lovely addition to any room.  

Get Yue Yue Storage Boxes on Amazon 


#7 Somme Decor Drawer Organizer Set

How cute are these handmade drawer containers?  Made of decorative fabric more aligned with the thought of Marie Kondo's hikidashi boxes.  They are available on Etsy for around $28 for a set of 4 small containers.  It would be a great addition to a teen or little girls room.

Get Somme Decor Handmade Boxes on Etsy


#8 Pulnimus Rope Handle Boxes

This would be cute for a kids room, or craft room perhaps.  The rope handles add a nice decorative element for happy tidying.  They are on the smaller side, so would not be as useful for drawer organizing, unless it's for socks, underwear, and accessories.  But who wants to keep these boxes hidden anyway.  

Get Pulnimus Rope Handle Storage Boxes on Amazon


#9 Welaxy Colorful Office Drawer Organizers

Made out of 100% polyester felt, these two-toned drawer organizers add a vibrant touch of color and modern simplicity to your drawers.  They are great for small accessories, office supplies, or cosmetics and have a minimalist feel.  They come in a variety of colors and size combinations.  

Get Welaxy Color Office Organizers on Amazon


#10 Simhoo Bamboo Stackable Storage Boxes

Is bamboo more your style? These are eco-friendly and sustainable, making it a perfect alternative to paper hikidashi boxes. We love that they are stackable and can be used in any space that requires small compartment storage. 

Get Simboo Bamboo Stackable Boxes on Amazon


#11 Evelots Honeycomb Sock Divider

Now here's something a little different for drawer organizing.  These honeycomb designed drawer organizers are excellent for keeping all of your drawers neat and organized. Perfect for separating undergarments and accessories.  It does not fit perfectly in every drawer, however, so keep that in mind or measure appropriately.  

Get Evelots Honeycomb Sock Divider on Amazon


#12 SLPR Printed Boxes

If you are looking for paper printed decorative boxes, similar to KonMari Hikidashi Boxes, perhaps this modern design is pleasing for you.  Environmentally Friendly recycled paper materials are always a huge bonus for us.  These boxes with lids are rated well and are available in several different designs.

Get SLPR Printed Boxes on Amazon 


We hope that you found these links helpful in your journey to a well organized home!  A variety of these options will help in any tidying endeavor, and you will be able to find items within your style and your price range.  Best of luck and we, at HappiBox, are always coming up with new storage solutions, so visit us again as we launch new products in our store. 



About the Guest Author, Kaitlyn Langham:

I love writing about the things that inspire me. Typically I write about health, mindset and my faith on my blog, https://trimmelykait.com/. I’ve learned that it’s difficult to be inspired when things are out of place and unorganized. 

Having an organized home, means having an organized life, both of which set us up for success in our day to day lives. Happy Organizing!