About Us


With more than fifteen years of experience as an interior designer, I unexpectedly transitioned to product design in 2019.  I made a difficult decision to leave a corporate position to do what I love.  With my family's support to pursue unfamiliar areas, I made the jump - enter HappiBox. 

I chose to design functional and fun products that simply make me smile.  Endlessly inspired by things that bring joy, whether it's a home decor item or a sparkly jewelry piece, my focus is on improving the way a product makes you feel when you use it.  As a creative at heart, it is my intention to honor practicality, with a nod to beauty.

Each of my pieces bears a unique quality - a highly functional new design, a beautiful print, or a novel gift idea - which makes it inherently one of a kind.  It is this unique quality that sets HappiBox apart, and gives each piece a special distinction.

I'm delighted that you have chosen my products, and I look forward to having you in my entourage!


Creatively yours,